Dear Everybody–

We both give Nancy and Todd rave reviews! We’ve worked with them three times and had great results each time. Doug bought his condo on Phinney Ridge in Seattle thru Nancy and Todd in 2002 and then they helped him sell it in 2017 for a considerable profit. In 2018 they helped Lisa sell her townhouse at the highest possible price in the market. They are terrific people, very easy and fun to work with and they have years of real estate savvy under their belts. Buying and selling through them was a pleasure. We would not hesitate to work with them again!

– Doug Vollgraff and Lisa Caprina

Nancy House and Todd Gale were there for us the whole way. First, they helped us prepare our house in Bellevue for the market. We didn’t have money to fix it up, but they knew a hundred affordable ways to get the house shining again. They sold our house for $30,000 over asking, then patiently and expertly helped us find our new home. And let me tell you, that wasn’t easy! I wanted small and inexpensive, my husband wanted roomy — and inexpensive. And we didn’t know where exactly in the Puget Sound area we wanted to move. Not a problem! Nancy and Todd patiently and diligently previewed houses for us every day, and took us on many trips from Bellevue to everywhere we thought we might want to move. It was really fun to explore with them and weigh the pros and cons. Any house that had potential, Todd and Nancy were able to tell us small, mid-size or big ways to change it to make it work. We never felt pressured, they have the patience – and a sense of humor. Plus, they’ll really listen and hear what you, the client wants: they get it. Todd and Nancy keep on top of market trends, and also recommended support staff (broker, stager, movers) that for newbies like us, was essential. We saved money, and made money. Non-judgmental, unflappable under pressure, dotting every “I” and crossing every “T,” highly experienced, good drivers, (that’s important!) and trustworthy.

–  Wendy Wahman, Tacoma WA

~As a client, you would love to have an agent that treats you like a family member~

I knew Nancy and Todd since my first condo purchasing but I would love to share the story for recent buying and selling.

We plan to buy a new house for our growing family this February with no plan on what to do. We meet with Nancy and discuss our ideas. She had her notepad and started to work on the plan on the same day. Not surprisingly, it took me two months after detail considerations and decide to sell my condo.

I have a 2yr old child and working over 40hrs work with not much support. Nancy made the selling timeline feasible for us. They help out on getting our house ready for sale include painting, finding the house cleaning, staging, and even the carpet guy. I did not really take a day off to get my house ready for sale, because they did. The house was on the market on Friday and we have an offer by the end of next Monday. We price out smartly but Nancy and Todd is the best couple you can work with!

As to getting a new house, it can even be more stressful. We start looking from February this year. You probably think you know what you want as a buyer until you realize the perfect house is non-affordable or you are not finding any candidate within your budget. Nancy and Todd are helping us searching 1800 to 3300 sq ft with all sort of building conditions (new, well-maintained, need some works, or even a fixer) and restlessly preview any house that is on the market of a given week. During the house hunting stage, we put on multiple offers that have been out-bid and was having a hard time getting the house we can see ourselves living for over 10yrs. If you do not have an agent that works that close to you and able to incorporate changes every time you had, I do not think I can find the house I love and purchased today. The house we got is in a fair size lot (-8000 sq ft) and decent size (2600 sq ft) in a good neighborhood with the affordable price so I can make this my forever home. Nancy and Todd even help me to pick up future kitchen and everything I want to remodel like my family members.

I asked Nancy one day, as an agent, you do not have to do all of these after the house is closed. She said: “I want to make sure my clients are happy what they got and I am happy to help as much as I can”. That is why you need to pick an agent that treats you like a family, just like Nancy and Todd do to me.

– Mu-Ning Brandeis, 07/31/19

I have been a sales account manager in the title and escrow industry for over 30 years and have worked with hundreds of agents in King and Snohomish Counties. I met Nancy and Todd early in my career and have been so very fortunate to have worked with them for most of these years.

The genuine caring and hard work that they do for their clients is readily apparent in their transactions. Their repeat and referral business speaks for itself.

Real estate buying and selling can be very stressful to clients and Nancy and Todd have a way to help keep everyone as calm as possible. Our relationship of trust and communication over the years is one that I truly value both professionally and personally.

My Best,

– Cori Mothersbaugh

I met Nancy House in 1986, our family had moved to Seattle from Anchorage. And we needed to find a home to buy, Nancy drove me all over Seattle looking at houses. She found one for us to lease until the perfect one came up … and it did in Windermere, North Seattle . Nancy became a friend of our family, enjoying holiday meals together, teaching my daughter how to drive ! When we left to return to Alaska Nancy sold our home . She is an amazing realtor, always helping , answering Questions, the process was extremely easy for us . When my daughter needed to sell her condo in Kirkland, I called Nancy and Todd , they sold her place very quickly, actually with in hours . Once again always there to help out and ease your fears . We are still good friends , a friendship I value more than I can explain.

– Linda Greene

Nancy and Todd were extremely attentive to our needs. Without any sort of judgment, they helped us assess our housing requirements and coordinate those with our dreams — and even more importantly, with our financial situation. They are positive and encouraging and answered all of our questions. We are so grateful to have found Todd and Nancy. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

– Dick and Mary Kunkel

I have known Nancy for years and she is just the best Realtor I have ever worked with. She has years of experience and real estate knowledge. She knows the market, has always listened to my needs and found solutions for any problems that surface during the buying and selling process. She is also great at negotiating. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

– Connie Lappin

A hearty recommendation of Nancy and Todd for your real estate needs! They dig in and help you with the research, the information you want and need, whether you’re buying or selling. We’ve been through it all with them. Great people, enthusiastic, hard-working, and they know how to keep things moving for a successful deal and an efficient closing. They are working for you from the moment you define the project until closing of escrow, and beyond!

– Jim and Nancy Kenagy