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Nancy House & Todd Gale
Working with You as a Team since 1978
Nancy: (206) 854-2767 :: Todd: (206) 683-5934
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Meet Todd Gale

 Selling Real Estate-The Best Job in Town
 I love helping people, whether it's marketing their homes for the best possible return  or finding their dream home. Vision, communication, and attention to detail are my  strong points.

I'm Part of a Team - We Get Results
I work with my wife, Nancy House. Nancy started in real estate in 1978 and excels at financing and negotiation. I have been in real estate since 1995. Compared to Nancy I am still a newcomer but compared to the average agent I am an old timer! In my 15+ years of experience I have seen the ups and downs and all the changes to real estate and our communities. Having a broad base in real estate and being able to change with the times gives us a unique ability to help you make one of your biggest decisions. Working as a team, we can handle big work loads with ease - we are always available to our clients.

My Area of Expertise
I specialize in searching for my buyers "perfect house". Nancy calls me the "Buldog" because of my tenacious nature. I routinely comb the neighborhoods you have chosen for good, quality houses. I have a construction background which is very useful in finding a quality house for you. I am also in charge of the Market Analysis for our team. I use that same persistence to analyze data and evaluate the current market value of your home.

Personal Background
I was born in the Northwest, graduated from Charles Wright in Tacoma and graduated from the UW. I can't imagine a better place to live and work than Seattle. We live in a swoopy mid fifties house, an architectural style I especially like. It has almost an acre of yards and gardens with old rock walls and mature landscaping, perfect for big gatherings and barbecues. Our five standard poodles love it. I still run and skate - you might see me at Greenlake or on the B-G Trail. And there is always some new interest or project: Indian bows, rockets, helping Nancy with the poodles and puppies and most recently SURFING! One of our young clients even invites me along to surf Westport with him but I prefer the warmer weather of Cabo and Old Man's Beach or Hawaii with it's big "Elvis" waves. Real Estate is a perfect fit for me with it's ever changing challenges and the direct involvement with YOU!

Email Me! Todd@CooperJacobs.com
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