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Nancy House & Todd Gale
Working with You as a Team since 1978
Nancy: (206) 854-2767 :: Todd: (206) 683-5934
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Meet Nancy House

 Born to Sell Real Estate
 With a name like House I must have been born to sell real estate! I have always loved  real estate. I can still remember the feeling of driving up to my first house, it wasn't  much, but it was mine. That belief in real estate and love of homes was the motivating  factor way back in 1978 to become a real estate agent and it has stayed with me all  these years.

 We Get Results
 I work as a part of a team with Todd Gale. I started in real estate in 1978 and was part of  one of the very first teams in all of Seattle real estate. We understood that two  people working together can get the job of three done! Todd Gale, my husband, joined the team in 1996, giving us incredible support. Our team strategy keeps the positive energy flowing for your project. Working as a team means there is always somebody available for you.

Where It All Began

In 1978 I started at a large, corporate, nationally syndicated firm. By 1980 I had moved to a small, locally owned company. Being small and locally owned meant it was focused on our community, our neighbors and our service. It was fun being part of tremendous growth and change as our company became one of the top national firms but in 2010 I moved again to a small, locally owned and very tech savvy company, Small means agile, a quality that is very necessary in this ever changing tech world. I am proud to say that I joined Cooper Jacobs Real Estate, a team of agents where professionalism, quality of service and maintaining relationships are the order of the day. 

It's All About You, Isn't It?

Buying or selling a home with our team can be a fun process. The important thing is to accomplish your goals with the least anxiety and stress to you. That's why so many of our clients are repeat business or referrals. You can join our team too, just by calling.

Email Me! NHouse@CooperJacobs.com
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