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Bitter Lake is meeting Place for Parks and Recreation

Posted on March 21, 2011
The Bitter Lake Community Center will host the last meeting to finalize the Parks and Recreation Plans for the upcoming year.                                  

The Bitter Lake and Broadview neighborhoods have a lot of citizen participation and broad community involvement in the goings on surrounding them. i think that is part of why there is so much cool stuff in and around the neighborhood. Their neighborhood association has organized groups that encourage feedback from owners, renters, seniors, disabled and more. All working together to make their location one that provides lots of opportunities for improved recreation, transportation, parks, and more. Not only do you get to help shape your community but you meet your neighbors in the process, all aspects of having a great neighborhood to be part of. 
The best part is that there is a good selection of affordable housing. Check out our listing at
12531 Fremont Ave N. Sunny and light filled and only $310,000. 

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