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Holidays and Seattle Real Estate

Posted on December 27, 2010
OK We are almost into the New Year. You might be wondering how this affects our Seattle Real Estate. In my 30+ years of experience Selling Seattle Real Estate there are predictable trends. First, your best buys as a buyer are made in late November and December. You buyers only have a few days left to beat your fellow buyers to the punch. The good news for sellers whose houses are on the market right now is that within weeks there will be new buyers starting to look and take advantage of these great rates and a market that still favors the buyer and the inventory is low so there is less to choose from. And your house should be one of them! 
Right now there are sellers thinking about selling their house, making the list of projects that need to be done prior to selling their Seattle home and looking for a Seattle Residential Specialist.  These new properties will be coming on the market and be competition which is why it is really important to get your house priced right and presented at its best. 
Does that mean the buyers should wait for these NEW properties to come on the market. Definitively NO, do not wait as a buyer. If you see the house you want right now you should buy it. Residential real estate is a very special market. There is only one house with that floor plan on that site in that neighborhood. If it is what you are looking for, especially in this current market with news of interest rates rising, then make the plunge. If it there now go for it. Don't wait for more inventory and a bigger selection. You will also be waiting for more buyers to come into the market
Hope this has helped you understand of our Seattle Residential Market. We have lots of experience and have been watching the trends and traffic so we can help you figure out what is the best time to buy or sell and how to maximize your position Give us a call or shoot an email, We are happy to help.
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